We work to encourage and signal-boost the current generation of artists making theatre in Glasgow. With a busy programme of professional learning, residencies and public previews of brand-new performance we are committed to keeping our doors open, offering a vibrant and welcoming environment for artists looking to get busy thinking up brilliant new work to populate future Tron programmes.


BUILD is our commitment to delivering a programme of development activities for theatre professionals.


A twice-yearly curated scratch night, presenting a selection of brand new ideas from theatre-makers and live artists to an audience keen to see the boldest new performance Glasgow has to offer.


LabWeek is a residency in the Changing House offered to one artist each season. The one-week residency comes with a £3,500 budget to support the artist in their activities.


Two artists, one writer and one director, have been selected as Resident Artists for the next instalment of our Mayfesto programme. Full details to be included as part of the Mayfesto 2020 launch in March.


Through funding received by the Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund we are commissioning three brand new projects from artists based in Scotland to be delivered and presented to audiences outside of our building and in new and exciting ways. The work will be innovative in its form, content and process and the commissioned projects are an opportunity for Tron to support work which we might not normally be able to due to our requirements for programming and building-based activity.