Tron Theatre has been a major player in Glasgow’s cultural scene for over twenty years. Producing and presenting an eclectic collection of new writing, reinvigorated contemporary classics, dance, comedy and music, the Tron occupies a spot in Glaswegian hearts as unique as the building that houses it– the 16th century Tron kirk, survivor of over 500 years of cultural change and social upheaval. 

Tron Theatre specializes in staging new and contemporary classic theatre across our two theatre spaces—our Main House theatre and the smaller Changing House studio—curating an eclectic programme of work throughout the year which responds to the cultural interests and needs of the diverse community of Glasgow and beyond. The Tron’s annual, highly irreverent Christmas pantomimes have achieved something of cult status.

Outside the theatre walls, Tron’s Participation team take the arts out into communities, partnering with local schools and community groups to deliver workshops and engagement projects, as well as presenting the host of classes that run in the theatre itself every week for adults and young people of all levels. 

The Tron also works to develop co-productions with other theatres and companies, most recently Renfrewshire LeisureVanishing Point, Theatre Gu Leor and ThickSkin and in recent years have reached even further afield, working with collaborators in the UK and across the world to bring the best of Scottish theatre to a new international audience.

Tron THEATRE goals: 

Creating exciting and brilliant theatre for our audiences: Through engaging the talent primarily of the Scottish-based theatre community the Tron aims to present exciting and provocative new and contemporary classic theatre of the highest quality for the people of Glasgow, the West of Scotland, and on an international scale. 

  • Continue as a point in Scotland for developing new and emerging talent: To programme work, mentor, enable and provide space for new talent, including emergent theatre companies, emergent producers, writers, performers, designers, and other theatre makers—artists primarily from the West of Scotland but also with a national remit. The Tron CREATIVE segment of Tron’s work includes many important new initiatives in this direction including BUILDOutside Eyes and LabWeek.
  • Become a key contributor to the Scottish touring infrastructure: Tron Theatre intends to keep developing a number of strategies for taking work elsewhere in Scotland – through co-productions and through enabling companies premiering their work at Tron Theatre to be equipped with the necessary mechanisms, practical support and mentoring to go on to tour their work around the country.
  • Respond to the very special theatrical interest not only in Glasgow but throughout the West of Scotland. We do this through a combination of in-house productions and a wide range of visiting companies. We stage the more experimental and new work being largely confined to the studio space and the more accessible but still cutting edge work staged in the main auditorium. All the work has been new or contemporary with the exception of the occasional classic play and the aim has been to predominantly employ Scotland based artists – performers, musicians, designers, directors, and writers.  During this time we have in particular pursued our aim of supporting emergent artists and theatre companies by giving them space and resources to develop new work and present it to the public.