A commitment to artists of colour

Tron Theatre is an organisation staffed mainly by white people and historically has worked mainly with white artists and serving mainly white audiences. This is unacceptable and something we are determined to change.  Such change is long overdue– not only in the light of recent political events surrounding Black Lives Matter and other conscious-raising activity but also in response to the ethnically diverse environment we inhabit where access to the arts has for far too long been denied to a range of communities and individuals.  The Tron develops theatre and associated arts activities in the Scottish epicentre of such diversity – Glasgow – a city whose industrial wealth is historically attributed to its significant earnings from the slave trade.

As a strategically important arts provider for Glasgow, the Tron is proactively working at changing its profile regarding ethnic diversity – both in terms of its artistic policy and employment procedures and responding far more meaningfully to those communities which our theatre lives amongst and serves. Before the shutdown, Tron was committed to casting actors of colour in all in house productions and that continues to be the policy as we start making work again.  That commitment has informed our approach to the commissioning of other artists of colour including writers, directors, designers and crew.  We will work with other arts and community institutions as well as the arts education system, in supporting talented people of colour to work in Scottish theatre. However, we must go much further than that – theatre is about storytelling and the Tron is committed to providing a platform for more people of colour to tell their own stories from their own perspective. 

We are aware that we need to have conversations to inform how we progress as an inclusive arts provider.   We are also aware that this is a learning process and that we need to listen to what artists of colour are telling us. We are committed to developing anti-racist strategies across everything we do and implementing new ways of reaching out to potential collaborators in communities which have not historically seen the Tron as a place for them.  To achieve this aim we have begun a process of constructive actions including anti-racism training for our staff and Board.  Above all the Tron is committed to doing better – making its staff structure more diverse and ensuring that artists of colour get their voices heard.

We are committed to transparency in publishing the aims, objectives and outcomes of this process, along with our EDI statistics and will be updating this page regularly in the coming months.