Tron Participation present

Tron Studio | April-June

with Fraser MacLeod and Alice Donnelly

Showing from Tue 30 Apr — Tue 25 Jun 2024

Recommended Age: 18+


Tron Studio is our adult ensemble. Artistically, participants work together exploring skills such as devising, ensemble work, acting and performance. Socially, they have a great time making new friends who share a passion for both creating and seeing theatre work.

The April to June term will see them explore and create their own work using the Summer show Radiant Vermin as a starting point. 

Currently Tron Studio ensemble is full. 

If you’re interested in future opportunities please contact Lisa Keenan at

Tue 25 June 2024 7:00pm 25/06 - 7:00pm

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£90, £100 or £110