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Recommended Age 14+ Contains themes of Death and Grief

This performance has taken place in the past

Recommended Age 14+
Contains themes of Death and Grief

REWIND pieces together a scientific examination of a crime secretly buried. In a whirlwind of visceral music, energetic movement, puppetry, projection and innovative lighting, the show reveals an intimate backward journey into the life and death of Alicia, a young woman who dared to resist against authoritarianism.

The multi-award winning show is inspired by recurring facts from human rights abuse in Latin America and draws from Forensic Anthropology, the first science in history to investigate human rights violation.

Performers: Eyglo Belafonte, Alex Paton, Josephine Tremelling, Andres Velasques and Louise Wilcox.

‘Indispensable work of essential humanity.’ ★★★★★ Theatre Weekly
‘Special and unforgettable’. ★★★★ Lost in Theatreland
‘This is how theatre should be’. ★★★★ Broadway Baby

Devised by The Company
Directed by Ramon Ayres
Lighting Design Josephine Tremelling
Music and sound composition Alex Paton
Set Construction Andres Velasques and Benji Adams
Dramaturgy Amy McAllister and Lou Cope
Research support Alison Ribeiro de Menezes
Production Ephemeral Ensemble in collaboration with Alison Ribeiro de Menezes

Supported by Arts Council England and commissioned by Warwick University.
Image credit: Maria Falconer

No performaces are currently available.
A man in dark clothing and an orange bandana covering the lower half of his face dances, leaning backward with his hands out in front of him. He is in front of a brightly lit background comprising green and white squares. Two musicians can be seen behind him on a trolley. One holds a guitar above their head.