Tron Theatre Company presents

Radiant Vermin

Written by Philip Ridley
Recommended Age 14+ Adult Themes, Strong Language, Violence
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Showing from Thu 27 Jun — Sat 13 Jul 2024

Recommended Age 14+
Adult Themes, Strong Language, Violence


Getting a foot on the property ladder is murder….

Ollie and Jill want to tell you about their dream home.  Some of the things they did to get it, you might find shocking.  But they want you to know that they did it all for their baby….

A wickedly comic satire about a young couple offered a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ way onto the property ladder.  Playful, provocative and viciously sharp, this outrageous black comedy is a meditation on how far we will go to satisfy – and justify – materialistic greed.

‘The hallmarks of a Ridley classic: a fast-paced, modern fairy-tale that burrows into the dark wormholes of the imagination…reveals how below all that glitters, there’s rarely gold.’ Exeunt

Costume & Set Design by KENNY MILLER
Lighting Design by EMMA JONES

Image credit: Jamhot

BSL video by EJ Raymond

Thu 27 June 2024 7:30pm 27/06 - 7:30pm
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Fri 28 June 2024 7:30pm 28/06 - 7:30pm
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Press Night
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Fri 05 July 2024 7:30pm 05/07 - 7:30pm
with British Sign Language
with British Sign Language
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with Audio Description
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with Captions
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Saul Bass-style graphic illustration of a house with ladder-like windows emerging out of flames. A high-value fridge and television drop from the sky alongside two large kitchen knives. The text GETTING A FOOT ON THE PROPERTY LADDER IS MURDER appears in the windows/rungs of the ladder.

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