Outside Eyes

This performance has taken place in the past

Outside Eyes is the Tron’s annual scratch-night, presenting a selection of brand new ideas from theatre-makers and live artists to an audience keen to see the boldest new performance Glasgow has to offer.

Hosted by Julie Wilson-Nimmo, Outside Eyes 2023 will present work from four lead artists:

Puddles and Amazons by Guy Woods

Puddles and Amazons is a storytelling piece about a boy who eats an ice lolly at the wrong moment. The performer and world’s worst foley artist will tell the shape of the boy’s story while live-mixing sounds, recording with his phone. Moments shape us not so much in their occurrence as in the foliage around them.

Live/Laugh/Love by Bethany Tennick

Live/Laugh/Love is a play with songs, following the lives of three beings (Live, Laugh, and Love) as they navigate being trapped with each other for all eternity. They sing, they fight, they play, they try not to lose their minds. But when Light appears, she brings in a whole new set of problems which may spell the end of their world as they know it. Written by Bethany Tennick, this almost-absurd comedy looks at queerness and womanhood in a vacuum, blending modern pop with Scottish folk music, and asking the question; ‘who are we when nobody’s watching?’

It Concerns You by Cairan McLaggan 

In a not-so-distant future, in a not-so-distant city, taps run dry. Buildings are boarded up. Food is scarce, but you know a place. Just over the river. The shortest route is a walkway that slopes under the water. You’ve walked this tunnel countless times, but today something sinister lurks at its depths: a discovery which throws your reality into question.

It Concerns You is a new ghost story for Glasgow by playwright and director Cairan McLaggan

Jack in a Box by Joanne Thomson

When Kingmead Police department receive the ultimate severed virtue signal in a box, they’re forced to come to their own reckonings of what justice should look like. Embroiled in sheer dystopian impracticality, Jack in a Box is one giant metaphor for the failings of our justice system when it comes to sexual assault.

Told through the eyes of Barbara, the receptionist, this is a rare insight into the farcical social agreement to suppress your trauma and keep going in everyday rooms. It’s the processing; both before and after the big stuff. Think The Office meets Promising Young Woman. It is an anthem; a tonic for the troops that are going through it and an insight for those on the sides

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