Writing for New Mediums

with Johnny McKnight

This performance has taken place in the past

Covid and lockdown has presented us with new challenges as writers – how can we make socially distanced and responsible work? What is this new theatrical language we’re being asked to work in and how do we push and challenge ourselves in unfamiliar mediums that we might not have had experience of working in before?

Join us for an interactive workshop looking at how we, as playwrights, might transfer our experience whilst still maintaining a scene of the theatrical. How do we collaborate with people online? How do we envisage projects that can be delivered under these unique and challenging conditions? And most importantly, how do we keep a sense of play when we’re stuck in a room on our own?

Please note tickets are being sold through both the Tron and The Gaiety so if our dates are sold then do head over to the Gaiety website to see what else is available.

About Johnny:
Johnny McKnight has worked across Scottish theatre as a director, writer, educator and performer. Online work during covid has included new musical RapunzelOut of the Woods (3 part series with Alan Cumming) for National Theatre of Scotland; Earwig (Danny Krass) for Tron Theatre and Meet Jan Black for the Ayr Gaiety. He’s also currently trying to write a new musical with Anita Vettesse over Zoom, when his wifi decides not to play up.

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Writing for New Mediums