We Incite This Meeting…

Recommended 14+ | Contains Strong Language, Mention of Police Brutality Against Women and Audience Interaction

This performance has taken place in the past

Recommended 14+ | Contains Strong Language and Audience Interaction

Tea and Revolution go hand in hand.

From tea parties in 18th century America, to secret suffragette meetings in Britain, tea was always a catalyst for the women’s movement. Under the guise of social gatherings, women met to inspire and organise – coordinating the activism that led to equal voting in 1928.

In 2023, the fight for women’s equality is far from over. Inspired by Emmeline Pankhurst’s rallying cry “I incite this meeting to rebellion!”, we ask: What remains to be done, and how are we going to do it?

We Incite This Meeting… is an evening of storytelling in many forms, created by ten women with strong voices, bold ideas and a serious love of tea.

A Moment’s Peace (AMP) is one of Scotland’s leading participatory arts companies. Their mission is to be bold, to challenge and to entertain.

Devised by The Company
Directed by Kirstin McLean
Musical Director Karen McIver
Storytelling Facilitators Alice Fernbank & Jenny Lindsay
Movement Facilitators Lisa Kennedy & Emma Ready

Presented as part of the Possible Worlds Project.
Supported by Creative Scotland, The Hilden Charitable Trust and the National Lottery Community Fund.

Contains strong language and audience interaction.

No performaces are currently available.
A cup of black tea in a fancy floral china cup and saucer is set against a black background. Instead of steam coming off the hot tea, there are flames.