Soho Theatre presents

Verity Bargate Award 2024: Workshop

Soho Theatre

This performance has taken place in the past

Soho Theatre are hosting a playwriting workshop at the Tron Theatre, timed to prepare writers ahead of submitting their new play for the Verity Bargate Award 2024.

This is one of a number of workshops happening at venues across the UK and Ireland.

Writers will be provided with information about the scope of Soho Theatre’s current programs, their three theatre spaces, and what storytelling and theatricality mean to them.

In the first part of the workshop, writers will learn about the Verity Bargate Award and Soho Theatre’s heritage of new writing. In the second part we look at samples from a number of plays to investigate how they are structured, the form they take, their style and subject matter.

Finally, we will ask what makes a play specifically right for Soho Theatre, whether it is alive to the world, in touch with our audience and has the audacity to make people gasp.

To find out more about the Verity Bargate Award, visit:


Soho Theatre’s work is wide-ranging, drawing from this fringe heritage, and adding a queer, punk, counter-culture flavour. They champion voices that challenge from outside of the mainstream, and sometimes from within it too. They value entertainment and a great night out.

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Verity Bargate Award 2024: Workshop