The Dead Letter Detectives

Recommended Age Guide 11+

This performance has taken place in the past

Recommended Age | 11-13

Welcome to the Dead Letter Office where black hessian sacks filled with limp letters and lost parcels arrive each day. Dead Letter Detectives sort through these sorry missives, separating the truly lifeless from the merely ill.

Deciphering the illegible, completely vague and partial addresses, these diligent Detectives work to piece together a story for each item of missing mail, rerouting and forwarding them to their final destination. Meticulously making sure no letter will go unread; no package unopened.

Join the Dead Letter Detectives as they unveil myriad misplaced memories. Who knows what ink drops of possibility they might find?

Devised and performed by YT Juniors with Catherine Ward-Stoddart
Costume Design by Victoria Brown
Sound Design by Ross Brown

No performaces are currently available.
Graphic visual with line drawings of parcels, postcards and envelopes on a ripped and crumpled paper background. There are postage stamps and stamped ink marks dotted all over the page.