Tandem at the Tron

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Tandem Writing Collective Presents: ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS

How many people can you afford to feed? Five for a week? One for a month? How about 10 billion for the next 27 years, but then no-one at all? When the world runs out of resources, how will your grandchildren decide? Should we rock, paper, scissors for not just the right to be heard, but the right to survive?

With quiet facts drowned out by loud opinions and calamity around the corner, the hugely successful Tandem Writing Collective are back to bring their unique short writing and music nights to audiences, with their most ambitious and critical project to date: ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, exploring how we decide on the hardest, the most delicate and the most divisive themes facing us all today.

This event features three 20 minute plays written by Jennifer Adam, Amy Hawes and Mhairi Quinn, with live music from Aaron McGregor.

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Tandem at the Tron