World Premiere - Recommended Age Guide 12+

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Recommended Age | 12+

Spin! is a new show from the team that brought you The Dark Carnival: Unplugged and The Metamorphosis: Unplugged.

A woman can hear a voice coming from her brand new washing machine. When she talks to it – to her surprise – it talks back, and it’s surprisingly good conversation. The woman and the machine hit it off, but soon it seems that this new high-tech, environmentally friendly best friend knows a little bit too much about her – who her neighbours are, what her husband does for a living and how many children she has. It knows what she eats, what brand of toothpaste she uses and who she votes for. It’s not long before she is swirling around in a divisive world, and the machine is threatening to do more than air her dirty laundry.

Spin! is a darkly humorous and satirical show about wishing, washing and information warfare. Join us for a great night out of comic theatre, cake and a complimentary (but not compulsory!) drink.

Written and directed by CATRIONA MacLEOD
Set and costume design by KENNETH MacLEOD

Supported by Creative Scotland

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Spin! promotional image. Taken from inside the drum of a washing machine, a dark-haired woman peers through the circular door at the washing in the drum.