Pushing It

Recommended Age Guide 14+

This performance has taken place in the past

Recommended Age | 14-19

Dos and don’ts…homework guidelines…school regulations…rules of the house…curfews…parental regimes…

Boundaries. If it’s an adult’s job to set them, is it our job to test them? Breaking them, bending them, stretching them, twisting them.  Nudging them, poking them, struggling to cope with them.

Are we all at it?  No we’re just pushing it.

Performed by YT SENIORS
Written by LISA KEENAN
Costume Design by VICTORIA BROWN

Image: Eoin Carey

No performances are currently available.
A group of youngsters sit in a circle around a green bottle with their feet protruding into the circle. They are wearing an eclectic collection of shoes - baseball boots, doc martens and trainers. There's confetti and streamers on the carpet, alongside a set of car keys and some money. The image is tinged with pink and green hues reminiscent of party lights.