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'Untitled F*ck M*ss S**gon Play' written by Kimber Lee

This performance has taken place in the past

Untitled F*ck M*ss S**gon Play written by Kimber Lee

Join our brand new book group for the dramatically inclined!

To celebrate the launch of our Play Library, playwright and dramaturg Andy Edwards will host a book group delving into the most exciting, groundbreaking scripts on our shelves. The book group is free but requires a ticket and is open to anyone who loves theatre. You can look forward to 90 minutes of discussion and debate with peers, discovering the plays and playwrights redefining UK theatre.

For the month of September, the book group will focus on Untitled F*ck M*ss S**gon Play written by Kimber Lee.

Please come along having read the play. You can source your own copy of the script or borrow a copy from our new Play Library at Box Office.

No performaces are currently available.
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