Tron Theatre Company presents

Olive the Other Reindeer

Recommended for children under 12 and their families.
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Showing from Tue 14 — Fri 24 Dec 2021


Olive dreams of delivering presents to all the boys and girls at Christmas time. To do that she has to enlist in Santa’s Training School and pass her exams, then she can ride alongside Rudolph and Santa. Hoorah!

However, when Olive discovers there’s a NAUGHTY list – a group of children that are going to wake up to no presents on Christmas Day – she realises she has to stand up and say NO MORE.

Can Olive scrap the naughty list and make sure everyone gets a present on Christmas day? Will Olive pass her final exams and get to sail the skies with her idol Rudolph? Will she ever get a word in edgeways with her nightmare classmates Blitzen and Vixen?

Panto as we know it might not have fully returned yet, but Olive has, and she’s going to fight to make sure everybody gets some joy and laughter in their hearts in this festive show for the under 12s and their families.

Directed and designed by KENNY MILLER
Composer and Musical Director ROSS BROWN
Lighting Design BENNY GOODMAN

Olive the Other Reindeer is being funded by the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund, administered by Creative Scotland.

Illustration: Jamhot

Tue 14 December 2021 7:30pm 14/12 - 7:30pm
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Wed 15 December 2021 1:30pm 15/12 - 1:30pm
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Wed 15 December 2021 7:30pm 15/12 - 7:30pm
Press Night
Press Night
Thu 16 December 2021 1:30pm 16/12 - 1:30pm Book Tickets
Thu 16 December 2021 7:30pm 16/12 - 7:30pm Book Tickets
Fri 17 December 2021 2:30pm 17/12 - 2:30pm Book Tickets
Fri 17 December 2021 7:30pm 17/12 - 7:30pm Book Tickets
Sat 18 December 2021 2:30pm 18/12 - 2:30pm
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with Audio Description
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Sat 18 December 2021 7:30pm 18/12 - 7:30pm Book Tickets
Sun 19 December 2021 1:30pm 19/12 - 1:30pm Last Few
Sun 19 December 2021 4:30pm 19/12 - 4:30pm Last Few
Tue 21 December 2021 1:30pm 21/12 - 1:30pm Book Tickets
Tue 21 December 2021 7:30pm 21/12 - 7:30pm Book Tickets
Wed 22 December 2021 4:00pm 22/12 - 4:00pm Book Tickets
Wed 22 December 2021 7:30pm 22/12 - 7:30pm
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with Audio Description
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Thu 23 December 2021 10:30am 23/12 - 10:30am Book Tickets
Thu 23 December 2021 2:30pm 23/12 - 2:30pm Limited
Thu 23 December 2021 7:30pm 23/12 - 7:30pm Book Tickets
Fri 24 December 2021 1:30pm 24/12 - 1:30pm Last Few
Fri 24 December 2021 4:30pm 24/12 - 4:30pm Book Tickets
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