Nae Expectations

This performance has taken place in the past


Pip is just your average wee guy – happy with his lot and not much of a complainer (though you really wouldn’t blame him if he was!). Regularly tortured and terrified, in what is, it must be said, a truly hard life, he still finds time to laugh, smile and dream of a brighter future, even though no-one expects anything of him. Or so he thinks…

Nae Expectations is Gary McNair’s fresh look at the Dickens classic, with a Glasgow tongue and a gallus spirit. Young Pip battles with monstrous adults, the class system and most of all his inner demons as he tries to work out who he is, what he wants to be and how to find his own way in the world.

Irreverent but still faithful to the original, Nae Expectations will be the very last Tron Theatre Company production to be directed by Andy Arnold, drawing together a brilliantly comedic ensemble including Gavin Jon Wright as Pip, Karen Dunbar as the extraordinarily strange Miss Havisham and Gerry Mulgrew as escaped convict and one of Pip’s many tormentors, Abel Magwitch.

With: Simon Donaldson, Karen Dunbar, Jamie Marie Leary, Gerry Mulgrew, Grant Smeaton and Gavin Jon Wright.

Directed by ANDY ARNOLD
Set Design by JENNY BOOTH
Costume Design by VICTORIA BROWN
Lighting Design by BENNY GOODMAN
Sound Design by ROSS BROWN

Download the full programme for Nae Expectations here.

Image credit: Joe Connolly/Jamhot
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