LUNG Theatre residency

with Helen Monks and Matt Woodhead

This performance has taken place in the past

with Helen Monks and Matt Woodhead

Friday: 10.30 – 5.00
Saturday: 10.30 – 5.00
Sunday: 10.30 – 5.00

How do you turn the things that people have said into theatre? What are the responsibilities that come with making socially engaged work? Can art be turned into activism and can it have a meaningful impact?

Join LUNG Theatre for an in person three-day residency exploring how to make verbatim theatre, the relationship between art and campaigning and creating effective engagement projects and outreach work. In this 3-day intensive, LUNG will offer participants firsthand exposure to their verbatim and creative focused creative process and explore the wider historical and contemporary context around this genre of work.

The residency will focus on:

Looking at the history of verbatim theatre, LUNG will explore the techniques of form defining practitioners of the genre. They will then offer participants an insight into their own signature style of verbatim and how they create engagement projects and outreach work.

They will take some time to experiment and push the form of verbatim, socially engaged and political theatre. LUNG will lead the group through a series of exercises that give participants the chance to design and play around with their own pieces of work.

Participants will start to make their own piece of work (this does not need to be a verbatim piece; it can take any form). This final stage will be tailored to the needs of each artist and be flexible to accommodate the artistic vision of the work each artist wants to make.

This workshop is for anyone interested in making verbatim, socially engaged, political theatre.

About LUNG:

Founded in Barnsley in 2012, LUNG is a campaign led verbatim theatre company that tours work nationally. They work closely with different communities to make verbatim theatre and hidden voices heard. LUNG creates work that shines a light on political, social and economic issues in modern Britain, using people’s actual words to tell their stories.

At the heart of LUNG’s work are three strands:

  • Verbatim theatre
  • Engagement programmes for underserved communities
  • Campaigns to lobby for political change

LUNG’s selected awards include: Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award, Sit-Up Award for Social Impact and Fringe First.

About the facilitators:

Helen Monks & Matt Woodhead are the Co-Artistic Directors of LUNG and Honorary Research Fellows at the University of Nottingham. Together they have published 5 plays with Methuen Drama (The 56, E15, Chilcot, Who Cares and Trojan Horse).

Covid Safety:

The Tron Theatre has held multiple developments and rehearsals in recent months and so all of our staff are well-versed in creating a Covid compliant comfortable working environment. The residency will have a small capacity of 9 and will be taking place across two of our spaces so participants will have plenty of room to work socially distanced. The spaces are well ventilated with one-way systems, small capacities and regular cleaning. We also have track and trace system for everyone in the building.


No performances are currently available.
LUNG Theatre residency