Love the Sinner

World Premiere - Recommended Age 12+

This performance has taken place in the past


Initially published as a performance poetry collection, Love The Sinner will be transformed, in a collaboration between Imogen Stirling and Vanishing Point, into a pulsating full-scale theatre show: a fusion of performance poetry, visual theatre and electronic music. 

The seven deadly sins are alive and kicking in contemporary Scotland. They’re looking for something to do.

In Love The Sinner, we meet seven extraordinary characters as they struggle to comprehend their place in a world bladed with criticism and obsessed with self-betterment. They seek solace, or something else, in the pulsing, brimming city as the water rises and the banks of the river threaten to burst. 

This story sees ancient roots clasp hands with modern compassion to explore human frailty, love and resilience. Mirror and rallying cry both, Love The Sinner reflects on the meaning of being human today.

“I think this is the work of a lyrical genius. It is crafted by a great poet, and crafted with emotional depth. There’s nothing like this.There’s no one like Imogen” Benjamin Zephaniah on Love The Sinner 

Written and performed by IMOGEN STIRLING

Running Time: Approx. 1 hour 15 mins. No Interval

Supported by Creative Scotland and the Garrick Trust Foundation. A co-commission by Luke Holbrook and Vanishing Point. In association with Tron Theatre.

Image credit: Sarah Grant

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A woman bathed in strong, red light and with long, wet hair looks over her left shoulder. It appears as if she is looking through a window streaked with rain droplets. A hazy bright light is in the background of the shot. Her experssion is both forlorn and determined.