Krapp’s Last Tape with Go On

This performance has taken place in the past

Everyone talks to themselves…don’t they?  This thought-provoking double bill from the Citizens Theatre takes things one step further and explores what happens when you dare to interact with previous and future versions of yourself.  

In Samuel Beckett’s seminal Krapp’s Last Tape, an older man reflects on his youth. Sitting alone on his 69th birthday, Krapp (Niall Buggy) listens to a recording of his younger self, rewinding through his life with humour and heartache.  

In Go On, Jane (Maureen Beattie) considers how an AI replacement might allow her to exist in the future. Sitting in her sleek kitchen, Jane teaches Jayne the essentials of her life, and the loves and losses that have shaped her. 

Inspired by Beckett’s iconic work, Go On is the world premiere of a new play by one of Scotland’s most important voices, Linda McLean. Together, these stripped-back and intimate productions offer a raw and emotional experience that speaks to our own sense of mortality with a wry, dark humour.

Two leading actors of their generation, Niall Buggy and Maureen Beattie are directed by Dominic Hill, renowned for his “talent for classical drama which is genuinely world class.” (Daily Telegraph).

Krapp’s Last Tape by SAMUEL BECKETT


Directed by DOMINIC HILL
Lighting Design by STUART JENKINS
Assistant Director – EILIDH GIBSON
Filming for Go On by URBANCROFT FILMS

Note: Contains strong language

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Krapp’s Last Tape is presented in association with Leeds Playhouse.

This production is supported by the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund, administered by Creative Scotland.  

Image credits: Krapp’s Last Tape, Anthony Robling; Go On, Tommy Ga-Ken Wan.

“Directed by Dominic Hill, Niall Buggy gives a grippingly angry, burnt-out performance punctuated by mirthless snorts of laughter at the vanity and stupidity of his younger self, while conveying the utter nihilism of realising that you have sod all to show for your three-score years and ten.”  **** The Times

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A bemused looking older man with his head resting on his hand sits in front of an old-fashioned reel-to-reel tape machine. Underneath this, a woman with long dark hair photographed against a stone wall stares straight to camera.