Dead Girls Rising

Recommended Age 16+ | Nudity, Violence, Adult Themes, Strong Language, Strobe Lighting, Audience Interaction

This performance has taken place in the past

Suitable for ages 16+

Content Warning
The play deals with themes of sexism, misogynistic violence & murder, our complicity in an unequal justice system, and the public’s fascination with true crime. It includes graphic discussions and depictions of death, violence (including domestic violence), and kidnapping; graphic discussions of sexual assault and depictions of sexual threat (including towards children); mentions of drugs; and explicit language.


Katie and Hannah love murder. They go to bed listening to podcasts about serial killers; they clutch blankets glued to gruesome documentaries. They’re in deep. They’re not sure if they can stop, and they’re not sure if they want to.

And then they summon The Furies. The Greek goddesses of vengeance! Well… technically the Greek goddesses of justice. It’s a long story.

Dead Girls Rising is a furious coming-of-age punk cabaret show about surviving a violent patriarchy. Join The Furies as they tear apart the tyrannical history of male power through skits, punk music and the all-too-familiar experiences of Katie and Hannah.

Written and lyrics by MAUREEN LENNON, with music and lyrics by ANYA PEARSON.

No performances are currently available.