Alongside a professional creative team each group: Skillshop 8-12, Skillshop 13-17, Tron Young Company, Tron Studio and NL Studio work towards presenting their own full scale production on the Tron main stage each year, allowing them to utilise skills learned in weekly classes and further develop their key social skills.

At the heart of this process is artistic exchange and collaboration.  Each group are involved in developing their own theme, narrative and characters.  Each piece of work is bespoke to the group at the time and incorporates all participants at a level of engagement that they feel comfortable with. 

Creative teams depend on the needs for each individual production but in the past groups have collaborated with: directors, drama artists, composers, movement specialists, dramaturgs, set and costume designers, lighting designers and AV specialists.


Tron Participation produces a professional Christmas production for pre 5’s.  The Tron acknowledge that for many youngsters a trip to the theatre at Christmas may be their first experience of live arts.  Tron Theatre Company’s annual Pantomime is suitable for those aged 6 and up therefore Tron participation caters for a younger audience. The Christmas show serves as a good introduction to the monthly Tall Tales workshops and can be the first step to getting involved in the participation programme.

A Very Cosy Christmas, Carmen Pieraccini, Credit John JohnstonTron Panto

Tron Main Auditorium