Fifteen-year-old Roxy is burning. Lost somewhere between the bonfire of girlhood and the sharp edge of womanhood, she gathers her friends and begins meddling in witchcraft to search for answers.  

Shadows are lurking, ready to swallow those she loves most in the world. As?friendships fray, fire crackles and blood bubbles, the group unravel the bonds that unite and the secrets that surround them. 

Moonset is a blazing, coming-of-age tale filled with love, rage and self-discovery, as four young women search for the power they were promised.

The story in Moonset centres on four teenagers with challenging lived experiences and as such comes with the following content warnings:

  • Parental cancer diagnosis – specifically ovarian cancer – and later death of a parent
  • Animal abuse
  • Coercive control in a teenage relationship with an older man
  • Mention of past child sexual abuse, as part of a character’s history
  • References to witches, witchcraft, chanting and covens
  • Mention of suicide and hanging in the context of historic witch trials
  • Discussion of periods and menstrual bleeding
  • Brief reference to miscarriage
  • Characters who are care experienced
  • Frequent conversational, non-aggressive swearing
  • Contains naked flame and live fire effects
Moonset promotional image. Four hands in strong red tones stretch upwards towards the moon. Wispy turquoise and white clouds surround the hands.