The Happiness Collectors need YOU! The world’s supplies of happiness are running low and they need your help to top them up. Pop on your headphones and join the Happiness Collectors on a journey of sounds and silliness to learn the best ways to collect happiness – and most important of all, how to pass it on!

Happiness Collectors is a fusion of physical theatre and audio-immersive storytelling for family audiences. Each audience member experiences the show through a set of wireless headphones, guided by their very own Happiness Collector Instructor, SAM, aka Special Agent M. For ages 4+

Presented by The Audio Story Company, originally commissioned by Tron Theatre, in association with The Ayr Gaiety.

Writer & Director: SARAH MIELE
Directing Mentor: ROS SYDNEY
Producer: SARAH GRAY for Scottish Theatre Producers

Supported by Creative Scotland Touring Fund

The Audio Story Company successfully applied to the Creative Scotland Touring Fund in 2022 and the Tron Theatre was delighted to be one of the venues on their Happiness Collectors tour in Autumn 2022.

Over the past 6 months, Tron Participation have been building links in Toryglen and Govan working with local partners developing family links.  We were delighted that The Audio Story Company could continue to strengthen those links by taking Happiness Collectors out to those areas, allowing families to enjoy professional children’s theatre right on their doorstep.

For further information about Happiness Collectors, contact Lisa Keenan, Creative Learning Manager on

Image credit: Eoin Carey