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Producing School

with Steph Connell, Michael John O'Neill and guests


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Grab a laptop, settle in and get ready to have some questions answered and projects planned. OK, so producing and project management might not be the most exciting and glamorous bit of making theatre but it’s the stuff you need to make the work you want to make. 

At the Tron we are passionate about helping artists to make work and also to become self-sufficient in how they manage it. We also know the best way to learn is through doing. There is a shortage of independent producers so this three day intensive aims to help artists so learn to do it for themselves in the meantime. Over the course of three days participants will explore the very starting blocks of designing and managing a project and will come away with the basic tools to get you started. 

Areas include…  

Day one (10.30am - 7.30pm):

  • What questions to ask of your work
  • What do you need to make it happen and when
  • Budgeting 

Day Two (10.30am - 7.30pm):

  • Identifying Sources of funding 
  • Taking you through each question of a Creative Scotland application – from the point of view of a CS assessor and a producer with practical examples

Day Three (10.20am - 1.30pm):

  • Pitching your work

This workshop is for those artists who are proactive in creating work but need a pointer in the right direction and some peer to peer support.

We have delivered workshops on these subjects before but most have been half day sessions trying to cover huge subjects, resulting in a lot of unanswered questions. This three-day intensive aims to take a small group through starting a project step by step with individual practical tasks that help you make a start on projects in the room plenty of time for questions. You’ll also receive templates to make starting future projects simpler. 

Participants will need to commit to attending all three days and will need to bring with them a firm idea of project they want to make which will be used as a case study throughout. 

Steph is Project Coordinator at the Tron Theatre, responsible for managing the BUILD and MAKER programmes and supporting the coordination of Tron Theatre CREATIVE. As a freelance producer she has worked for Frantic Assembly, Artichoke and National Theatre of Scotland as well presenting and supporting work through her own company Scribbled Thought. She is currently producing work for ThickSkin and Wonder Fools and was Stage One Producer at the Citizens Theatre throughout 2017.

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03/02 - 10:30am
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