Our new master classes are ideal for anyone looking to try something new but without the commitment of a weekly sign up.  Also if you are currently on the waiting list for any of our regular classes, these sessions are an ideal chance to get a workshop taster and meet the creative team.  Designed to offer creativity while remaining flexible, you can sign up for as many or as few as you like.

Exodus: Performance Analysis
Sat 17 September, 2pm – 4.30pm, free*

Bold, satirical and uncomfortably funny, Exodus explores systematic deception and the indifference to human suffering. This creative workshop will explore and respond to themes raised in the National Theatre of Scotland’s production of Exodus. Participants will unpick, debate, morally question and creatively respond through a series of practical drama exercises. This will inspire and allow participants to create and share your own work as part of the session.

Suitable for those 18yrs+/interested in Tron Studio work.

*Participants must have purchased and attended a performance of Exodus (excluding 17 Sept) to attend this session

Pen to Paper: An Introduction to Playwriting
Sat 1 October, 12noon – 2.30pm,  free but ticketed

How do you begin to write a play? How should it be formatted? What does it need to include? You’ll take part in exploring the nuts and bolts of writing for the stage, focusing on dialogue and stage directions. You’ll also have the chance to create small scenes and watch your plays come to life!

Suitable for those aged 18-25yrs/interested in Tron Young Company.

Write Tron Beginners’ Guide
Sat 15 October, 10.30am – 1pm, £10/£12/£14

This masterclass introduces participants to essential scriptwriting elements like plot, story arch, dialogue and characterisation.  Practical exercises will get you to put pen to paper and make a start.  There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas.  This session is a great taster for our longer blocks of Write Tron workshops coming in 2023.

Suitable for those 18yrs+/interested in Write Tron.

As it Really Happens: A Guide to Creating Verbatim Theatre
Sat 5 November, 12noon – 2.30pm, free but ticketed

What is verbatim theatre and how does it work? Join us for an exploration into this exciting style of theatre that can bring real stories to life. We’ll look at writing personal experiences, techniques to create conversations, explore voice recording and how to put material together to create short performances. 

Suitable for those aged 18-25yrs/interested in Tron Young Company.

Introduction to Physical Ensemble
Sat 12 November, 2pm – 4.30pm, £10/£12/£14

This practical workshop will introduce and explore the principles ofphysical theatre making and group ensemble work.  Through a range of exercise participants be encouraged to work physically in groups and in pairs, learning about a range of different practitioner’s approaches to creating physical ensemble work.  Participants will discover their own physical theatrical language through creating group work and small performances.

Suitable for those 18yrs+/interested in Tron Studio work.

Booking for these masterclasses will open from Friday 19th August at 11am. Book via our Box Office on 0141 552 4267.