Tron Studio | Jan-Jun

This performance has taken place in the past

Create. Learn. Enjoy.

Tron Studio is our adult ensemble. Artistically, participants will work together exploring artistic skills such as devising, ensemble work, acting and performance. The group will regularly see work at the Tron and use sessions to creatively explore and analyse what they have seen. Socially you will have a great time making new friends who share a passion for both making and seeing theatre work.

Participation – Payment for classes

Tron Participation is all about taking part. We simply do not want economic background to be a barrier to signing up for our sessions.   

There 3 payment levels to suit a range of different budgets, you simply choose the option that suits you best, no questions asked.

You can also speak to Box Office on 0141 552 4267 about paying a deposit and creating a payment plan to suit your needs, or you can apply to access a Tron Participation Bursary for between 50% and 100% of the masterclass or workshop cost. More information and the Bursary Application form can be found here.

Please note: bursary places are limited and we will do our best to accommodate all requests.

No performances are currently available.