My Doric Diary

Recommended for: 12+ | Audience interaction, Strong Language, Strobe Lights.

This performance has taken place in the past

Recommended for: 12+ | Audience interaction, Strong Language, Strobe Lights.

It’s December 31st, 2010, in Fraserburgh. But all is not sparkly balloons. Daisy is desperate to attend the town’s New Year’s Eve party but Granny will not allow it. Disgruntled after an argument, Daisy locks herself in her room amongst her music and old schoolbooks.

Things take a time-bending twist when she is magically transported back to December 31st, 1993, the same night seventeen years earlier. Why has she been brought here? Why now? And most importantly who is that mysterious figure standing at the mic?

A Doric jukebox musical from Katie Barnett and James Siggens of AyeTunes!, My Doric Diary is a heart-warming story about what it means to love and what it takes to let go.

‘It’s funny, clever, endlessly inventive, chock full of banging tunes…and deeply moving.’ Press & Journal

Written by Katie Barnett
Directed by Dougie Irvine
Musical Supervisor James Siggens
Musical Director and Performer Andy Manning
Tour Designer Fraser Lappin
Production Manager Colin Bell
Producer Nikki Kalkman

Originally commissioned and produced by A Play, a Pie and a Pint at Òran Mór, co-presented by Aberdeen Performing Arts and the Traverse Theatre.

Supported by Creative Scotland
Image: Greenlight Creative

No performaces are currently available.
A collage showing a green-covered book with the title My Doric Diary, a disco ball, a cassette tape, a microphone, confetti and streamers and a seagull.