Creative Freelancing

with Heather Parry

This performance has taken place in the past

How do you operate as a creative freelancer? What are your rights, and how do you protect them? What happens when things go wrong, like late payment or a dispute with an employer? How the heck do you do your taxes?

Join Heather Parry, the co-creator of the Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide, for a practical and supportive workshop on navigating your career in the creative arts as a sole trader. With a focus on easily understandable help and simple guidance, this workshop will cover:

1) the basics of operating as a creative freelancer
2) maintaining your sanity + advocating for your rights
3) a Q&A to discuss anything at all

Learn how to advocate for yourself and your peers from the start of your career onwards – and how to make the scary stuff less scary!

Heather Parry is a Glasgow-based writer, editor, and publisher. She is the co-founder and Editorial Director of Extra Teeth magazine and the Scottish Senior Policy & Liaison Manager for the Society of Authors, a trade union for writers. In 2021 she created the free-access Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide with artist Maria Stoian. Her debut novel, Orpheus Builds a Girl, will be out in October 2022 with Gallic Books.

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Creative Freelancing