Tron Theatre is bringing free pop-up outdoor theatre experiences to the doorsteps of families across Glasgow this winter, made possible through funding received by the Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund and delivered in accordance with strict social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines. Suitcase Stories will see three teams create professional mini-street theatre experiences to be performed from a suitcase as a pop-up event in locations across the city from December through to March 2021.

Our first Suitcase Story, FRONT ROW CARGO by Fiona Manson has delivered all it’s parcels for 2020, and popped up at close doors, on front paths, in gardens and on drying greens across the city in December. Fiona collaborated on this project with Valerie Reid – Designer and Sita Pieraccini, with stage management provided by Avalon Hernandez.

Our second Suitcase Story is called ARE YE DANCIN’, created and performed by Diane Thornton. Diane has created a theatrical bubble of silliness and fun for all the family, aged 5 to 105, inspired by silent movies, variety shows and Glasgow’s iconic dance halls. It’s New Year 2021. A wee woman is all packed up and ready to make a new start. All she needs to do is wait for her taxi to arrive. But life is never that simple, especially for someone who can’t resist dancing to the beat of their own drum!

Working with Diane on this project were Fergus Dunnet – Designer, Ruth Mills – Choreographer and Suzie Ferguson -Outside Eye. Stage management was provided by Suzanne Goldberg.

Due to lockdown restrictions, we were unable to deliver this Suitcase Story to people on their doorsteps.

Our final Suitcase Story, THE HAPPINESS COLLECTORS by The Audio Story Company is currently in development. An immersive and interactive audio adventure for those aged four and over, The Happiness Collectors will be secretly recruiting families as part of their task force to complete story-telling missions to generate, capture and re-distribute happiness across the world.

The Audio Story Company are actor, voice-over artist and drama facilitator Sarah Miele and sound designer and composer Calum Paterson.

Delivery of The Happiness Collectors performances will be confirmed as soon as we have information on the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

The Producer working on all three Suitcase Stories is Jordan Blackwood.

Suitcase Stories is being delivered with support from the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund, administered by Creative Scotland.

Illustration by Jamie Macdonald