Tron Participation understands it can sometimes be difficult to critically analyse a performance after only seeing it once. Here we have collated resources which we hope will enable you to delve deeper into the production.

THE ALCHEMIST (4 – 19 OCT 2019)

A Tron Theatre Production.

As money and gullible victims start rolling in it all starts to go very horribly wrong for Subtle and Face…acclaimed Scottish writer Gary McNair (A Gambler’s Guide to Dying, McGonagall’s Chronicles) has taken on Ben Jonson’s Jacobean farce, re-writing it in rhyming couplets and relocating it from London to Glasgow with brilliant comic effect.

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BALLYTURK (4-20 OCT 2018)

A Tron Theatre production. 

Ballyturk is Enda Walsh’s moving meditation on the brevity of our existence – a mundane village with echoes of Dylan Thomas’s Llareggub in Under Milk Wood, viewed through a Truman Show style filter of confined artificiality. Explosions (both literal and imagined), music and exhilarating physical comedy punctuate beautifully poetic renderings of life in the type of small town we have all visited, and, more likely, lived in. The result is exuberant, surreal, funny and gut-wrenchingly sad. 

A copy of the script and a DVD of the performance will be available to school bookings. Please contact Debbie Montgomery, Creative Learning Officer to enquire further.


A Tron Theatre production. 

Murder, mystery, madness and redemption in Russia’s most dysfunctional family. In a society where ‘everything is permitted’ for a chosen few, what do the iconic Karamazov brothers have to say to the world today?

Dramatised by Richard Crane
Directed by Faynia Williams

Workshop resources, a copy of the script and a DVD copy of the production were made available to all schools who attended this performance. Please contact Debbie Montgomery, Creative Learning Officer if you would like more information on these resources. 

The set design process: 

As you have booked for the show and will be receiving a pre show and post-show workshop with Debbie Montgomery Creative Learning Officer.

Below is a short film by freelance designer Kirsty McCabe.  We encourage your students to watch the film as an introduction to the theatre design process.  


Introduction to set design: Freelance Designer Kirsty McCabe discusses her process when designing costume and set for theatre (approx. 8 minutes)