Tron Participation LogoAim:   Tron Participation is the education and outreach strand of the Tron Theatre’s activities.  As such it strives to provide opportunities to participate in art activities regardless of age, ability or background.

Why:  We want to encourage the behaviour of theatre going as both audience and artist because we believe participating in cultural activity enriches your life.

How:  Participating in our program can lead to developing new skills – both artistic and social, meeting new people and embarking on a life – long relationship with the Tron venue.

Tron participation is divided into 4 strands of work 

1.      Children and young people

2.      Schools

3.      Work for Adults

4.      Partnership working

Within our Glow area you will be able to access lesson stimuli, blogs, video diaries and interviews with theatre professionals, virtual tours and much more.

As a partner school we are keen to keep in contact with you throughout the year.  If you have any ideas, thoughts or questions regarding our resources online, a specific part of the curriculum, or you want to find out information about the theatre industry – whether you're a teacher or a pupil – you can email: Deborah will make an effort to respond within 48 hours.


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Curriculum for Excellence places arts at the centre of learning and provides opportunities for the Tron to collaborate with schools both in their venue and at the theatre.
My learning in, through and about the expressive arts:
  • enables me to experience the inspiration and power of the arts
  • recognise and nurtures my creative and aesthetic talents
  • allows me to develop skills and techniques that are relevant to specific art forms and across the four capacities
  • provides opportunities for me to deepen my understanding of culture in Scotland and the wider world
  • is enhanced and enriched through partnerships with professional art companies, creative adults and cultural organisations
Curriculum for Excellence, experiences and outcomes, expressive arts
Tron participation also understands the importance of interdisciplinary learning and have this at the heart of any work we deliver with schools. Drama is a powerful tool that can bring any topic to life whether it be, Science, Social Studies or Numeracy. The Tron have a firm understanding of CfE and implement the experiences and outcomes in every workshop we deliver.

Free Lesson Stimuli – National 4/5

Click on these links to access free resources:

Devising Theatre – workshop information

Workshop Exercises

Model Box Examples

Technical Plan Example

Transition Workshop information


This area is Tron Participation's virtual learning space. We understand it can be sometimes difficult to get out of school and attend the theatre so we thought we would bring the theatre to you.

Check out our YouTube channel for video diaries, interviews and much more… (link coming soon)


Tron Participation understand the importance of keeping in touch with teachers because of this we have created our very own teachers area. This area will enable us to develop a dialogue with teachers from all age and stage. Find out exactly what you are looking for and hopefully develop resources and projects where possible.

This area has recommended books, websites, a discussion area and events calendar. We will keep our calendar up to date with CPD opportunities and more so be sure to regularly check so you dont miss out!



Using Drama to bring your topic to life

How to put on a show


Macbeth imageMacbeth: Tue 8 – Sat 19 October

Tron Theatre Comapny and Perth Theatre bring a co-production of Macbeth to the Tron this October (8th-19th). This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to see a classic text brought to life on the Tron main stage. To coincide with this flagship production for schools, Tron Participation is offering a variety of educational opportunities.

FREE pre-show workshops for schools booking to see a performance

Macbeth Associate Director Marcus Roche will deliver an interactive pre-perfromance workshop based around the theatre of making a text active. Marcus will use techniques straight from the rehearsal room to explore the language, plot and the characters in Macbeth with your students.

The workshop is suitable for English classes and Advanced Higher Drama classes looking at the Author as the Director and can be delivered in a rehearsal room or cleared classroom to a maximum class size of 35. Duration 1 hour 30 mins.

Macbeth outreach – workshop booking form

To book tickets for your school group call box office on 0141 552 4267

Fog: Tue 10 – Thu 12 SeptemberFog image

Welcome to Gary’s world…

“A thought provoking, emotionally fraught and brilliantly written play”


“Is dis where you’d put sniper?”


“Place da man wi’ da sub?”

“What you talkin’ ‘bout now?”

“In the war zone”

“What war zone?”

“Dis is a war zone, ya get me? An’ we gotta take ‘em all out, see?”


Two families: one white and dysfunctional, the other black and aspiring. Gary and Lou were put into care as young children by their soldier father, Cannon, following the untimely death of their mother.


Ten years later, Cannon returns, expecting to reassemble his family around him. But he feels a stranger in this ‘new’ England of broken promises. And nothing could prepare him for the damage that abandonment and an inadequate care system has wreaked on his kids. He desperately tries to repair what has been broken, but is it all too little too late?


FOG is a unique collaboration between a male actor in his 20s and an established female writer/performer in her 60s, and is directed by multi-award-winning writer/director Ché Walker, whose credits include Been So Long (The Royal Court Theatre and The Young Vic London), The Frontline (The Globe, London) and His Greatness (Finborough Theatre, London).


Age recommendation: 14 years and upwards.


Fog materials and information:



Education booking form



Working virtually is great – but there's nothing better than seeing live theatre!  Find out what shows you can come and see here:

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