1. The award committee reserve the right to interpret the following rules and conditions as they see fit. Decisions in all matters pertaining to the rules, execution and written and active administration of the award are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

2. All applicants and the author of the winning script are expected to adhere to the rules and conditions of entry and the acceptance of the Award as described below.

3. The winner of this year’s award will receive £6,560. The prize money is in respect of an exclusive option for Tron Theatre to produce the winning play according to the Company’s standard license agreement. It is our intention that the final performance of the production of the winning play will be streamed/broadcast live online.

4. The two runners-up will receive seed commissions of £2000 in respect of a first draft. This money is in respect of an exclusive option for Tron Theatre to stage a rehearsed reading of the scripts according to the Company’s standard license agreement.

5. Entry is open to authors over the age of 18, including those with previous experience of production and/or development by a professional body. This may include work-in-progress readings, college or fringe theatre, mentor programmes or rehearsed readings.

6 .Authors must be ordinarily resident in Scotland or of Scottish origin currently residing in the UK or Ireland.

7. Proposed plays must:
(a) Be unpublished and unperformed
(b) Be clearly typed and laid out
(c) Show the author’s full name and contact details on the title page, but NOT on any other page
(e) Be written for the stage. Film, TV and radio scripts are NOT
admissible, nor are adaptations of films, novels or other works.
(f) No complete plays should be submitted at the initial application stage.

8. The closing date for entries is Friday 18 December 2009 at 5pm. Submissions received beyond this date will not be considered for the Award.

9. Each entry will be considered and a shortlist compiled by the internal reading panel. Scripts on the shortlist will then be read by an external panel. The winner will be judged by both panels and the public online.

10. The Award committee will notify the three finalists by February 2010.

11. In accepting the award, the work of the winning writer will be legally contracted to the Tron Theatre.

12. The organisers of the Award will not accept responsibility for loss or damage of scripts in transit or during the judging period. Applicants are strongly advised not to send the only copy of their work.

13. Where necessary, The Tron Theatre will contribute a reasonable amount to the travel costs for the three finalists during the workshop process.

14. Only one submission per applicant

15. The competition is not open to employees of Tron Theatre Ltd or the associated partner of the Open.Stage competition.

16. Failure of candidates to adhere by these rules will result in disqualification. 



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