Devised by Produced Moon, Meghan Tyler and Nima Séne

In 1969 a rich white guy in the White House rang the moon in search of peace and tranquillity. It’s 2021… time to reopen the phone line.

Ring HOTLINE for a lunar adventure on your phone where you choose how the quest unfolds. Through one call you’ll solve puzzles with NASA’s Least Consulted Consultant, play truth or dare with ambitious octogenarians, dream with the Almost Astronaut, and hear from time-bending civil rights visionaries. Play the game right and you might just reach the moon herself. 

HOTLINE is a free interactive phone line best experienced using headphones. Choose your own adventure using the keypad on your phone, to hear your quest unravel in your ear. HOTLINE is an ambitious and innovative piece of interactive theatre. Whether you want to softly whisper hope into the cosmos or boldly lead an escape from NASA HQ, HOTLINE is what you need it to be. 

Ring HOTLINE for a call that’s out of this world – 0808-196-8619.

The HOTLINE is now open and will close at midnight on the 6 March 2021. HOTLINE is free to access, and you can call as many times as you like. If you need to hang up, you can call back and return to where you left off.

Produced Moon have provided a digitised version of the script as a guide, which you can navigate through via the hyperlinked text. If you would find this useful, click here.

Expand the FAQs below for answers to any questions you may have about calling the HOTLINE.

How long is the show?
Between 30-45 minutes, depending on what routes you take.

Do I have to speak?
No – it is a performative experience, all pre-recorded. The only thing you have to do is choose your path by pressing the numbers on your phone keypad.

How do I access the phone number?
From the 26th February.  The phone number will be emailed directly to you, if you have registered for the show on our website as well as appearing on the HOTLINE event page. You can also look out for our posters around Glasgow and on social media. The phone number is live – between 12pm on 26th February and midnight on 6th March and you can call it at any time.

Can I call more than once?
Yes, please do call as many times as you like.

How much does it cost?
It’s free to use.

What if I do it wrong?
There are no wrong ways to call the moon – it’s up to you what journey you take. You can restart at any time by hanging up and calling the number again.

What if it doesn’t work, my phone doesn’t connect, or I just get a ‘busy’ tone?
The experience has been tested many times, but on occasion things do go wrong! If that happens, don’t worry – check our social media for any updates on issues. Should problems persist, please contact the Box Office and we’ll look into it for you.  Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 11am-4pm and we can be reached on 0141 552 4267 or emailed at ​​

What if my phone cuts out?
If your phone cuts out, just call back. You can either continue from where you were or start again from the beginning.

What will happen to the data collected from the phone call?
When you call the HOTLINE your personal data (inc. telephone number) will be stored but not shared and will solely be used for your involvement with HOTLINE.  The system being used for this event is owned and operated by Produced Moon, you can view their full Privacy Policy here. Like any other call, you can choose to withhold your number either via the settings on your device or by simply adding 141 to the start of the HOTLINE phone number, doing so will not affect your activity with the call.


Content Warning: The show contains sexually suggestive material and explicit references to racially aggravated police violence. The show is interactive, and so if you would prefer not to hear the section referencing police violence follow these intructions: When you are in the black hole you might be presented with the choice to: ‘Press 1 to shake Ed’s hand, Press 2 to feel the sun shining in your belly.’ Press 2 to feel the sun shining in your belly and you will not hear the content referencing police violence.

Produced Moon, co-creators and performers
Produced Moon is a collaboration between queer theatre maker Leonie Rae Gasson and digital artist Melanie Frances. Produced Moon’s work exists at the intersection between theatre and technology making interactive performance for the digital age. Work includes making MANIFEST, a community drag king flash mob exploring disobedience in public space supported by Arts Council England and an immersive 360 VR film WE ARE IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY which explores youth rage and climate change made with a cast of teenagers. Produced Moon are based between Glasgow and London. Their work has been presented at Platform, Glasgow; the Science Gallery, London; Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh; the Nuffield, Southampton; the Marlborough, Brighton; Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh; Rich Mix, London.

Meghan Tyler, Joint Lead Artist
Meghan Tyler trained as an actor at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. As a playwright, she has been a recipient of Channel 4 Playwrights’ Award supported by The Traverse Theatre, a recipient of the New Playwrights’ Award with Playwrights’ Studio Scotland, and been part of The New Playwrights ’Programme with The Lyric Theatre, Belfast. At the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, her play Crocodile Fever took the Traverse Theatre by storm. Meghan currently has a residency at The National Theatre.

Nima Séne, Joint Lead Artist
Nima Séne is a transdisciplinary performance makerworking with curation, directing, writing and producing in the boundaries between theatre, film, live art, music and poetry. Séne worked with filmmaker Daniel Hughes on Beige B*tch (2018) commissioned by Contact (Manchester) Live Art UK & Diverse Actions and a three screen documentary moving through shadows (2019) for NTS’s Dear Europe project. Currentcollaborators and projects include Joana Tischkau’s PLAYBLACK, Brownton Abbey, Engine Room at National Theatre of Scotland, Sophiensaele Berlin, DMSUM (Deutsches Museum für Schwarze Musik und Unterhaltung) and are consulting Sanctuary Queer Arts.

Alicia Matthews Sound design of the Moon
Anthony Simpson-Pike Dramaturg
Binita Walia PR (The Space in Between)
Daisy Douglas Producer, COMMISSIONED Projects
Evan Ifekoya Cast
Hannah Jarrett-Scott Cast
Kevin Scott Software Developer, Sleekwater Software
Leonie Rae Gasson Joint Lead Artist and Co-Artistic Director, Produced Moon
LAPS (Ladies As Pimps) Cass Ezeji & Alicia Matthews as the Moon
Meghan Tyler Joint Lead Artist
Melanie Frances Joint Lead Artist & Co- Artistic Director, Produced Moon
Nima Séne Joint Lead Artist
Sarah Thom Gob Squad, Artistic Mentor
Susan Bear Sound Designer & Engineer
Teka Wreka (Impromptu Glasgow) Graphic Design

Platform contributors:
Sonique Noreiga, Lloyd Darko and Oreoluwa Sarah Adetoun Oshin
Brenda, there is light in our lives, it’s just around the corner.
Isabel Kean, a resident of Easterhouse since 1966.
Jean, originally from Saddleworth, West Yorkshire, now living in Barlanark, east end of Glasgow.
Joyce Hennessy
Mags Connelly, a resident of Easterhouse.

The interactive phone system is created by Sleekwater Software.
Produced in association with Platform Glasgow.

HOTLINE is being delivered with support from the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund, administered by Creative Scotland.