HOTLINE Launch Registration

HOTLINE Launch Registration


Devised by Produced Moon, Meghan Tyler and Nima Séne

In 1969 a rich white guy in the White House rang the moon in search of peace and tranquillity. It’s 2021… time to reopen the phone line.

Ring HOTLINE for a lunar adventure on your phone where you choose how the quest unfolds. Through one call you’ll solve puzzles with NASA’s Least Consulted Consultant, play truth or dare with ambitious octogenarians, dream with the Almost Astronaut, and hear from time-bending civil rights visionaries. Play the game right and you might just reach the moon herself.

HOTLINE is a free interactive phone line best experienced using headphones. Choose your own adventure using the keypad on your phone, to hear your quest unravel in your ear. HOTLINE is an ambitious and innovative piece of interactive theatre. Whether you want to softly whisper hope into the cosmos or boldly lead an escape from NASA HQ, HOTLINE is what you need it to be.

Ring HOTLINE for a call that’s out of this world.

The HOTLINE will be open from 26 February – 6 March 2021.

Register for free to get access to the phoneline by adding to the basket and following the checkout process. By signing up ahead of time, you get all the details about HOTLINE and the number to call straight to your inbox.

The interactive phone system is being created by Sleekwater Software.
Produced in association with Glasgow.

HOTLINE is being delivered with support from the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund, administered by Creative Scotland.