Tron CREATIVE present
Working with... Designers

with Claire Halleran (The Envelope Room)

Working with… Designers is part of a series of workshops this season to strengthen relationships between creative team members, demystifying each other’s roles and allow time to reflect and hopefully improve understanding and communication next time they embark on a creative project. This season is primarily aimed at directors, theatre makers and producers who might be planning projects and looking to invite designers to collaborate.

This workshop will include…

  • How to find and approach designers and what you should ask from a designer when asking them to design a show with a team.

  • Knowing their role in a collaborative project and what skills they can bring to the planned project.

  • Discussion with directors and producers about how the creative and practical relationships can be managed and nurtured when working with a performance designer.

  • How to develop the best collaborative, working relationship before and during the production, communication of ideas and the how to balance the quality of design with time and budget.

Claire Halleran, graduate of Glasgow School of Art (BA Hons) and Queen Margaret University (MFA). Claire has designed for many theatre companies including, the National Theatre of Scotland, Unicorn, Stellar Quines, Grid Iron, Magnetic North, RCS, Showroom, Borderline/Hirtle, Heroica, Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre, A Moment’s Peace, Platform, Fish and Game, Starcatchers, Visible Fictions, Birds of Paradise, Frozen Charlotte, Macrobert Arts Centre and Eco Drama. She has also designed and created many interactive events for the Edinburgh International Science Festival and two film festivals with Tilda Swinton and Mark Cousins. She is co-founder of The Envelope Room. A network created in 2013 to support, promote and engage stage designers in Scotland.

Other workshops in the Working with… season include Working with Puppets led by Ross McKay, 10 March and Working with Composers & Sound Designers, led by MJ McCarthy 23 March.

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