In The Works presents
Within Sight

Written by Ellen Renton
Within Sight Portrait Web (Credit_ Bibi June Schwithal)

Our protagonist is ‘an inspiration’, ‘so brave’, and tired of hearing about it. Growing up with albinism, she’s learned to ignore the abuse that our ableist society throws at her. She has always derived worth from her independence and athletic prowess. After receiving news she’s narrowly missed out on making the Paralympics team, she goes on a run to clear her head.

Reflecting on the relationships between her body, her senses, and her sport, she untangles the ways in which she has internalised the expectation society puts on disabled people. Ellen Renton’s new solo spoken word theatre show is a one-woman performance about running, the Paralympics, and disability. The multimedia piece is based on Ellen’s personal experience of living with albinism, and addresses ableism within our society. Tokenism, access barriers and inspiration porn are dissected in Ellen’s soft spoken but hard hitting poetry.

Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Spirit of 2012. Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

Written by Ellen Renton
Music: Jack Hinks
Sound Design: David Devereux
Tin Can Audio Video: Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi
Creative Producer: Bibi June Schwithal

Image: Bibi June Schwithal

Times & Dates

19/03 - 8:00pm
with British Sign Language and Touch Tour
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20/03 - 8:00pm
with British Sign Language, Captions and Touch Tour
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21/03 - 8:00pm
with Captions
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