Gav Prentice presents
Turn the Night

18+ Admittance Only

10th - 11th May 2019

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You come to this Karaoke night every week anyway; Titch welcomes you in with a joke, young Kevin lives out his dreams of stardom, Caroline does her big number. But this week Rick’s got a secret about the future of the club, and the songs tell you more about the regulars than they might have wanted you to know.

I’ve seen what this wee machine can dae tae folk. Folk that are normally shouting aw the odds can crumble. Folk that never raise their voice above a whisper suddenly belt it oot… just cos a backing track comes on and a mic’s in their face. It tells them something about themselves that even they hadnae realised.”

Musician Gav Prentice writes and performs solo for his first play following a residency with the National Theatre of Scotland, bringing the sounds of a real night out into the theatre with original songs. 

Written & Directed by Gav Prentice
Designed by Rachel Campbell
Music Producer Joe Cormack
Dramaturgs Kieran Hurley, Julia Taudevin & Anita Vettesse

Image: Rachel Campbell

Note: Contains strong language

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