Tron 100 Club presents
Tron 100 Festival

18th June 2016

The Tron 100 Festival is a week of new short plays written, performed and directed by members of the Tron Theatre’s professional development initiative, the Tron 100 Club. Spanning from new writing to devised work, over five nights of performance, 14-18 June, the Festival will celebrate the talent and creative collaborations established by the artistic community of the Tron 100.

Death of a Super Hero
by Tom Moriarty

Three superheroes find themselves on the edge of retirement. Not through choice, but through the almost parasitic demand that society places on its idols for constant entertainment. In a capitalist society, is there any room for superheroes?

Chair Life
by Caron Brand

Susan is strong minded and honest-- often way too honest. Louise, her therapist, runs her sessions which are fraught with emotion. Susan takes Louise on a journey of aliens and marathons; has she had a breakdown or did she know exactly what she was doing?  Was she right to do what she has done?  What would you do?  How would you cope if you were in her situation?

What I Want
by Cicely Gill

The dilemma  around what to do if one person wants a baby and the other doesn’t, when the female is pregnant and can’t face a termination.

by Stewart Schiller

Sometimes it's just easier not to listen. In the social media age, it's easier than ever to just filter out the voices we don't want to hear... 

Silver and Gold 
by Corinne Salisbury

London, now. Andrew is treating Lydia to a fancy dinner, but it's not a date. It's a transaction. It's a contract. It's conspicuous consumption.
But is it even that simple- when Lydia has her own agenda too?
The first scene of a new play in development about wealth, greed, charity, philanthropy and freeloading.

The History of A Life or a new Roxana
by Shilpa T Hyland

Based on Daniel Defoe’s Roxana, the story of a young woman and her maid who use their ingenuity to first survive and then climb the social ladder. Shilpa Hyland's new play uses the lengthy conversations between  maid and mistress to examine Defoe’s dialogues about relationships as contracts; sexuality, morality and autonomy. A provocative, contemporary re-telling. 

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