Tron 100 Club present
Tron 100 Festival

22nd June 2017

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The Tron 100 Festival is a week of short plays from members of the Tron Theatre’s professional development inititative, the Tron 100 Club. Spanning new writing to devised work, five nights of performance will celebrate the talent and creative collaborations established by the artistic community of the Tron 100 and audiences will have the chance to see thirty new 15-minute plays.

The Tron 100 Club members are professional actors, playwrights, directors and creators at various stages in their careers. 

written by Jen Adam
directed by John Stuart

New life. New start. New island. Clare should be excited. She should be planning and growing. But as the fog lingers, so does doubt. Fear. Confusion. Something's different. Some things will never be the same again.

Rippling is an extract of a play that looks at lives on the brink of change, and explores isolation and uncertainty. It questions what home means to us and looks at how we engage with the world around us.

The Retreat
written by Daisy-Jo Lucas
directed by Karen Barclay

Daniel and Emily need to save their marriage.
Adam wants inspiration for his new novel.
Abigail wants her ex back.
Kris and Tarragon seek rejuvenation.

All hope to find their bliss at The Dhana Buddhist Retreat, located in the remote Scottish Highlands and run by the charismatic Biriani Savastn. But silence and confinement forces the group to confront hard truths, breaking and forging relationships, and leaving secrets exposed.

The Coffin Race
written by Isla Robertson
directed by Bruce Downie

A staged radio play where every sound effect, from falling coffins and squelching mud to distant guns and errant sheep, is created live on stage.

Set in a 1920s Highland community devastated by 'the war to end all wars', The Coffin Race is a black comedy that takes its premise from the ancient superstition that the most recently buried spirit must keep watch over the graveyard until the next body arrives. But what happens if two people die at the same time? Then it becomes quite literally a race to the grave…

written by Stephen Redwood
directed by Elliot Roberts

A woman is stopped at an airport after a series of security infractions. The officers on duty question her, but really, what harm could she possibly do?


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