Tron 100 Club presents
Tron 100 Festival

14th June 2016

The Tron 100 Festival is a week of new short plays written, performed and directed by members of the Tron Theatre’s professional development initiative, the Tron 100 Club. Spanning from new writing to devised work, over five nights of performance, 14-18 June, the Festival will celebrate the talent and creative collaborations established by the artistic community of the Tron 100.

Fortress Europe 
By Matthew Knights

Two short plays about the refugee crisis from different perspectives. In the first, a sudden altruistic act forces a couple to examine their relationship. In the second, an unlikely connection forms between two people at a motorway services.

Once Upon a Time
By Kevin Carr

Fairytales are often inseparable from their socio-historic context, dealing with struggles over kingdoms, rightful rule, money, women, children, and land. With the summer of 2016 bringing a Scottish election, a Presidential election, and a European referendum, Kevin Carr re-frames the fairytale form: think The Brothers Grimm meets The Thick of It

The Wasp
By Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

An excerpt from this twisting two-hander, a psychological thriller from the acclaimed author of Belongings.

Heather and Carla haven't seen each other since school. Their lives have taken very different paths; Carla lives a hand-to-mouth existence while Heather has a high-flying career, husband and a beautiful home. And yet, here they are in a café having tea and making awkward conversation.
Morgan Lloyd Malcolm's electric new thriller asks how far beyond the playground we carry our childhood experiences and to what lengths some people are willing to go to in order to come to terms with them.

Ashes to Ashes
by Mhairi Quinn

Follow the rekindling of a strained sibling relationship through the death of their equally estranged parents. Brothers Tommy and Kevin haven’t spoken for years, however, the death of both their parents in the space of 6 months has forced the seemingly dissimilar characters back together again. Now older, and supposedly much wiser, it is their duty to sort out the terrible ‘to do lists’ that await us in the aftermath of death. 

The Meter Is Running
Alfie Wellcoat

Follow Fraser, or Fraz as he likes to be known, a regular 30 year old guy working as a private hire taxi driver in Glasgow, living with his Granny in an old run down tenement flat she bought from the council thirty years ago. When a car-full of quarrelsome Northern Irish lads test Fraz’s ability to remain calm under pressure, Granny puts a plan in place to get them back.

The Real Mrs Sinatra
by Clive King

January 1977.  Dolly Sinatra, mother of the iconic singer, boards a Lear jet with her recently widowed friend Anna.  They’re off to see Dolly’s boy open at Caesar’s Palace.  Anna enjoys quizzing her pal about her tempestuous relationship with her famous son.  But old tensions between the two women bubble to the surface, threatening the trip.  Meanwhile, ‘Ol Blue Eyes takes to the stage in Vegas knowing his mother’s plane has dropped off the Radar somewhere over the desert...

The Penitent
Alex Cox


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