Tron Participation presents

Devised by the Company

6th - 8th February 2020

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'Day in, day out - new people come to this place - coexist in this moment of time and space - they share the same dot on the map before splitting and heading out on their own again creating their lines across the map with their own individual stories, experiences and discoveries. Do you ever do that? On a train or plane? Just think - how mad it is that strangers are sharing this experience never to know one another or see each other again? Of course you do? We all do!'

Welcome to The Juncture - an intersection where strangers pass through on their own unique trajectory. Where are they going? Where have they been? Lives lived? Loves lost? It's anyone's guess and that is just what happens here in the ultimate game of people watching and story guessing - never knowing their truth - and that's half the fun of it.

This ensemble piece showcases the writings of the Tron Studio community company, who have developed and devised the piece through exploring the theme of journeys and transformation.

Watch out of information on Tron Studio recruitment in 2020! See website for details.

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