Tron Participation presents
Tinsel Toon


6th December 2017

Tinsel Toon midsize


Tinsel Toon is full of lovely wee streets.
Lots of different people for you to meet.
Good morning.  Good afternoon. How do you do?
It’s nice to be nice.  It’s good to see you.
Lending a hand or helping one another out.
That’s what the Christmas spirit is all about.
But smiles turn to frowns, storm clouds loom.
What’s happening this Christmas in Tinsel Toon?

Cast: Mary Gapinski and Isabelle Joss

Written and directed by Lisa Keenan
Designed by Anna Orton
Sound design by RJ McConnell
Lighting design by Oliver Gorman
Movement direction by Lisa Kennedy

Illustration: Jamie Macdonald

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