Tron Theatre Company presents
The Snaw Queen

Audio Described

29th November 2016 - 7th January 2017

She’s no’ just frozen…. she’s Baltic!

Kristine Cagney Kringle and her toy workshop are gearing up for the biggest, bestest festive season yet. However, there’s a magic mirror just waiting to be dropped, and once it is, Christmas will be gone FOREVER! 

Join us on the ultimate quest to save the pantosphere from the evil Snaw Queen and her desire to keep Weegietown Christmas-free and forever cold and miserable.  Encountering Aberdeen-like temperatures, Kristine, Kelvie (the Kelvingrove Elfie) and Olive (you know, the other reindeer) battle the elements to save Rudolph from the evil queen's clutches. 

Lock up your weans 'cause the maddest, meanest, miserliest witch of them all is running wild in the pantosphere.  Will the Snaw Queen ever thaw?  Or sing haw-de-baw?  Will we meet her maw?  There’s only one way to find out. 

Written and directed by and featuring Johnny McKnight
Designed by Kenny Miller

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