Al Seed and Judith Milligan present
The Shadow Of Heaven

in production with Feral Arts and Macrobert Arts Centre

17th - 18th April 2018

The Shadow of Heaven

The Shadow of Heaven is an explosive, hour-long journey through Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost, emphasising the work’s visceral, physical and musical qualities.

Describing Satan’s quest from the depths of hell up to the Garden of Eden – and his meeting with Eve – this highly imaginative adaptation seeks to present the theatrical dynamism at the heart of Milton’s seminal work; which he originally imagined as a piece of tragic theatre.

This production springs from the long-term collaboration of Al Seed and Judith Milligan, who have spent the past two years exploring the interplay between the theatrical forms of Tragedy and Bouffon.

Written by John Milton, adapted by Al Seed and Judith Milligan
Directed by Al Seed and Judith Milligan

Supported by Creative Scotland and Macrobert Arts Centre

Image: Alberto Santos Bellido


‘Takes the breath away; will leave no one who sees it completely unchanged.’ The Scotsman on Oog. 

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