The Progressive Playwright

Theme of "Survival", Directed by Lissa Lorenzo

23rd April 2015

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This session's theme is "Survival", directed by Lissa Lorenzo.

The plays chosen for this month's event include: 

Scorched Earth by Eve Nicoll

War by Megan Tyler

For Our Tomorrow by Rebecca Sweeney

Among Thieves by Chris Donald

Foreign Element by Richard Drain (progressed from March's event)

This Is a Bad Idea by Adam Brown (progressed from March's schools Progressive Playwright)


The Progressive Playwright returns returns with readings of plays from up-and-coming playwrights.  Each evening, extracts from six plays will be read, with the night culminating in the audience voting for the play that they would like to hear an extended version of at the following event. 

The themes for this season’s events are:

DESIRE directed by Jordan Blackwood (22 Jan)
Submission deadline: 22 DEC

PREJUDICE directed by Allie Butler (5 Mar)
Submission deadline: 12 FEB

SURVIVAL directed by Lissa Lorenzo (23 Apr)
Submission deadline: 2 APR

BETRAYAL directed by Andy Arnold (28 May)
Submission deadline: 7 MAY

For more information or script submissions, contact

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