Heroes Theatre presents
The Pitchfork Disney

25th - 29th March 2014



Have you noticed how gorgeous people look when they’re terrified?

Twins Presley and Haley Stray shut themselves away after the mysterious death of their parents, gorging nightly on chocolate and concocting stories about what has become of the world they left behind.

But tonight the Strays are interrupted by the explosive arrival of sequinned and snakelike showman, Cosmo Disney.

Cosmo might look like he’s walked straight out of Presley’s dreams, but his horrific games of wit and stomach-turning seduction peel back the layers of a nightmare where not everyone will survive until morning.

Glasgow based Heroes Theatre presents a dazzling new production of Philip Ridley's trail-blazing debut play. Featuring Lucy Goldie, Stephen Humpage, Alan MacKenzie and Patrick Stratford.


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