Tron Theatre Company presents
The Lonesome West

Audio Described
By Martin McDonagh
Suitable for ages 14+

6th - 23rd July 2016

'Me, probably straight to heaven I’ll go, even though I blew the head off  poor dad. So long as I go confessing to it anyways. That’s the good thing about being  Catholic. You can shoot your dad in the head and it doesn’t even matter at all.'

Bickering brothers, Coleman and Valene share a house in the wild west of Ireland. One obsesses about his religious ornaments and his precious poteen, the other thinks only of his stomach, regularly crashing funerals in his quest for a free sausage roll. Their local priest, troubled by a spate of murders in the area, tries, and fails, to convince the squabbling pair to set aside their petty differences. But when the brothers vow to be nicer to one another and wipe the slate clean by confessing to a string of vile misdemeanors towards one another, things can only degenerate into vicious and bloody carnage.

The Lonesome West is the third play in Martin McDonagh’s bleak but blackly comic Leenane trilogy.

Cast: Michael Dylan, Keith Fleming, David Ganly and Kirsty Punton.

Written by Martin McDonagh
Directed by Andy Arnold
Designed by Michael Taylor
Lighting Design by Mark Doubleday
Sound Design by MJ McCarthy

Photography by John Minihan. Copyright of University College Cork.


"Adds nuance to an increasingly crazed situation..." THE HERALD ****

"You splutter with laughter and shudder with shock in equal measure." THE REVIEWS HUB ****

"Shattering, hilarious brilliance..." THE SCOTSMAN ****

"Funny and grim and, in Andy Arnold’s production, superbly played." THE GUARDIAN ****

"Frequently funny with bold moments that will be difficult to forget."  ACROSS THE ARTS ****



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