Actors Touring Company presents
The Events

By David Greig

17th - 21st September 2013


Written by DAVID GREIG

Directed by RAMIN GRAY

Screams echo through corridors. A forest echoes with the sound of gunfire. At Claire’s choir rehearsal, something terrible happens.

David Greig’s daring new play asks how far forgiveness will stretch in the face of atrocity. Featuring local choirs and a soaring soundtrack, The Events tells of tragedy, obsession and our destructive desire to fathom the unfathomable.

Greig’s recent plays include Midsummer, Dunsinane, and The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart and the new musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Actors Touring Company presents the best of international contemporary theatre. Recent productions include The Golden Dragon, Wild Swans, Crave and Illusions.

Winner of the Fringe First Award 2013
Winner of the Carol Tambor Award 2013

* * * * Scotsman   ‘The central character, Claire – played with terrific force and integrity by Neve Macintosh….all the named characters except Claire – her partner, the killer, a psychiatrist – are all played by one actor, the ­infinitely flexible and intelligent Rudi Dharmalingam.

* * * * Guardian 'McIntosh as Claire and Rudi Dharmalingam as the Boy (and other characters) give beautifully judged performances in a play that dares to stare into the darkness within us all and search for a pinprick of light.

* * * * * Daily Telegraph Witty without being flip, wise without being sententious, provocative without being callous, it’s probably the finest, most important thing Greig has written.


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