Tron Skillshop Seniors presents
The Cranium Kids

15th June 2019


Brain (noun)

  1. An organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating centre of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity.
  2. Intellectual capacity.
  3. A person's mind.
  4. A home for all the tiny people who control you

 “Sorry I must have heard you wrong? A home for all the tiny people who control you?”

What if there really was a fourth definition? What if the brain really was full of tiny little people who controlled your every waking move? From putting your school uniform on in the morning to slipping in to your slippers at night. From that big bowl of coco pops for breakfast to the pepperoni pizza for your tea. What if you hadn’t ever decided any of it because unbeknownst to you, a tiny taskforce was working away inside your most treasured organ!

Join Skillshop Seniors as we discover what really goes on inside the brain. From the General and his army keeping viruses at bay to the all-night eardrum raves it's an access-all-areas guided tour led by some of the brain cell’s most established employees.

Directed by Catherine Ward-Stoddart
Assistant Director Miriam-Sarah Doren
Set & Costume Design by Jessica Brettle
Musical Direction by Gary Cameron

Image credit: John Johnston, But Why? 2014

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